User Roles

As mentioned earlier, user-node mapping aims to ensure that each node is controlled by a unique user. There are two types of users in ESP RainMaker: admin users and end users.

Admin user:

a user who owns the MQTT certificate of a given node or gets the certificate through claiming service. Admin users can access nodes via the ESP RainMaker dashboard, push OTA firmware updates, and use ESP Insight for remote monitoring, but cannot read or write node parameters.

End user:

a user who has the control permissions to a given node. End users can set and obtain node parameters and configuration but cannot view nodes via the ESP RainMaker dashboard. They are subdivided into primary users and secondary users.

  • Primary user:

    a user who last performs the user-node mapping. Primary users can access node configuration, read/write node parameters, and add/remove/view other secondary users.

  • Secondary user:

    any user who gets access to a node via node sharing. Secondary users can access node configuration and read/write node parameters, but cannot add/remove/view other secondary users.