This chapter introduces ESP Insights, which includes a firmware agent (Insights agent) that runs on the user's device to capture the operating status and abnormality of the device and report them to the ESP Insights cloud. When verifying product functions and on-hook testing, users can log in to the dashboard of the ESP RainMaker IoT cloud platform to view the health status of each device and whether there is an abnormality. Instead of capturing logs of device operation on every device run, logs of device abnormality will be reported to the ESP Insights Cloud. Users can view the reasons for device abnormality clearly through the ESP Insights Cloud interface, making it considerably easier for debugging.

At present, the Insights agent sends data to the ESP RainMaker IoT cloud platform by default. In the future, Espressif will release solutions to support more cloud platforms to receive and process the device information reported by the Insights agent. With these solutions, the functional verification and debugging of the device will become much easier, accelerating the release of user product firmware.