Configuring Power Management Feature

1. Enable the power management feature and Automatic Light-sleep mode.

When enabling the power management feature, users first need to enable the corresponding options in menuconfig, then call esp_pm_configure() function (Please select esp_pm_config_esp32c3_t when you are developing with ESP32-C3). For instructions on how to enable the Automatic Light-sleep mode, please check Section 12.2.2.

2. Configure Wi-Fi Modem-sleep & Bluetooth Modem-sleep.

  • To enable Bluetooth Modem-sleep mode, just enable the option in menuconfig shown in the screenshot below.

    Figure 12.8. ESP32-C3's Bluetooth LE Modem-sleep configuration
  • To enable Wi-Fi modem-sleep mode, users need to first initialise Wi-Fi, and then call esp_wifi_set_ps(wifi_ps_type_t type) function. The code to enable Wi-Fi modem-sleep mode for the Smart Light project is as follows:

    #define LISTEN_INTERVAL 3
    wifi_config_t wifi_config = {
        .sta = {
            .ssid = "SSID",
            .password = "Password",
            .listen_interval = LISTEN_INTERVAL,
    ESP_ERROR_CHECK(esp_wifi_set_config(ESP_IF_WIFI_STA, &wifi_config));