LED Driver

Compared with traditional light sources, LED is more energy-efficient and eco-friendly with longer lifespan. It is a low-voltage, high-current semiconductor component. Its luminous intensity is positively associated with the forward current. When selecting an LED driver, we need to consider the working environment. If the driver is sensitive to the ambient temperature, we should use components that generate less heat, or dissipate heat. LED driver is a core component of smart lights and will directly affect the lifespan and use experience of smart lights. At present, there are mainly two types of LED drivers.

Constant-voltage drivers

Constant-voltage drivers provide stable terminal voltage for the LED, and the current changes with the load. When driven by a constant-voltage driver, each LED bead needs a suitable resistor to emit light of the same brightness.

Constant-current drivers

Constant-current drivers stablize the current flowing through the LED, and the voltage across the LED changes with the load. When driven by a constant-current driver, the LED can be dimmed by controlling the current flowing through it.