🧐 Practice: Local Control in Smart Light Project

The local control component (esp_local_ctrl) of ESP-IDF enables you to control Espressif chips via Wi-Fi+HTTPS or Bluetooth LE easily. With this component, you can access application-defined properties, which can be read from or written to through a set of configurable handlers. This section mainly introduces the local control module based on Wi-Fi. Taking the smart light as an example, the local control module can be configured as follows:

  • Configure the local device to discover mDNS protocol.
  • Configure the local HTTPS server and certificate for data communication.
  • Configure the smart lights.

The previous sections have introduced the control of ESP32-C3 via Bluetooth LE. When using Bluetooth LE, the TCP/IP protocol stack is not involved, and local device discovery is not necessary. Bluetooth has its own resource discovery service.