Wi-Fi Network Configuration Guide

Network configuration is to provide SSID and password to Wi-Fi devices, so that they can connect to a specified AP and join its Wi-Fi network.

The final goal here is to send the SSID and password of the AP to the Wi-Fi device in different ways, and connect the device to the specified Wi-Fi network to join the LAN or Internet. Figure 7.20 shows the process of Wi-Fi network configuration.

Figure 7.20. Process of Wi-Fi configuration

The IoT devices waiting for connection also need to be associated with an account, so here come some new concepts:

  • Network configuration in a narrow sense: A Wi-Fi device obtains the AP information (SSID, password, etc.) and connects to the AP.

  • Binding: Associating user's application accounts with the configured device.

  • Network configuration in a broad sense: Network configuration in a narrow sense + binding.

This section will focus on network configuration in a narrow sense, thus omitting the binding process. At present, the most popular methods to configure networks are SoftAP, SmartConfig, and Bluetooth.