Running Example in the esp-insights Project

1. Clone ESP Insights.

Clone the project code for ESP Insights using the command below:

$ git clone --recursive

2. Configure ESP-IDF.

ESP Insights currently supports the master branch and v4.3.x, v4.2.x, and v4.1.x release branches.

To get the support for v4.3.2, you need to run the following command for a patch:

$ cd $IDF_PATH
$ git apply -v <path/to/esp-insights>/idf-patches/Diagnostics-support-in-esp-idf-tag-v4.3.2.patch

To get the support for v4.2.2 and v4.0.0, the following command is needed for a patch:

$ cd $IDF_PATH
$ git apply -v <path/to/esp-insights>/idf-patches/Diagnostics-support-in-esp-idf-tag-v4.1.1-and-tag-v4.22.patch

Users can choose the HTTPS protocol or the MQTT protocol to transmit diagnostics data according to the needs. For specific configurations, please refer to the following command:

$ menuconfig

Navigate to Component config → ESP Insights → Insights default transports.

If the HTTPS protocol is selected to transmit diagnostics data, users need to log in to to check the diagnostics log for the device.

3. Build and flash.

Refer to step 4 ~ 7 in Section 15.2.1.