Analysis of User Management Requirements

User registration and login are implemented in one interface and switched through the toggle button. The critical part of this module is to allow third-party accounts, and the network requests for registration, login, verification code acquisition, etc., and data parsing. The analysis of user management requirements is shown in Figure 10.13.

Figure 10.13. Analysis of user management requirements
  • To log in with a third-party account such as GitHub, Apple, or Google, the app will first open a webpage in the browser and obtain the unique identifier of the account.

  • Forgot password and verification code request can be implemented via corresponding cloud APIs.

  • Passwords entered will be displayed by default in ciphertext and can be switched to plaintext for confirmation by clicking the toggle (eye icon).

  • Email addresses entered will be validated using regular expressions.

  • Documentation will include documents for the entire project and can be accessed from various places in the app.