Advantages of Local Control

Local control only requires data to be transmitted within the LAN instead of through the Internet. Therefore, it functions with shorter delay and faster response. Moreover, as the data only interacts within the LAN composed of the controlled device, a Wi-Fi router and the controlling devices, there is lower probability of data being stolen or modified, hence enhancing data privacy and security. In addition, local control saves Internet bandwidth. It is not vulnerable to Internet disconnection. As long as the two parties are in the same LAN or linked through Bluetooth, the control can be maintained. For some products without access to cloud platforms, local control is the only means for smartphones to take charge of them.

Considering these advantages, local control is increasingly favored by IoT companies. More and more SDKs and products support local control functions. For example, the ESP RainMaker, a complete IoT platform developed by Espressif, includes a smartphone app to implement local control.