Cloud Backend

The cloud backend is built on AWS Serverless Computing and achieved through AWS Cognito (identity management system), Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda (serverless computing service), Amazon DynamoDB (NoSQL database), AWS IoT Core (IoT access core that provides MQTT access and rule filtering), Amazon Simple Email Service (SES simple mail service), Amazon CloudFront (fast delivery network), Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS message queuing), and Amazon S3 (bucket storage service). It is aimed to optimize scalability and security. With ESP RainMaker, developers can manage devices without having to write code in the cloud. Messages reported by devices are transparently transmitted to application clients or other third-party services.

Table 3.1 shows the AWS cloud products and functions used in the cloud backend, with more products and features under development.

Table 3.1. AWS cloud products and functions used by the cloud backend

AWS Cloud Product Used by RainMaker
AWS CognitoManaging user credentials and supporting third-party logins
AWS LambdaImplementing the core business logic of the cloud backend
Amazon TimestreamStoring time series data
Amazon DynamoDBStoring customers' private information
AWS IoT CoreSupporting MQTT communication
Amazon SESProviding email sending services
Amazon CloudFrontAccelerating the management of backend website access
Amazon SQSForwarding messages from AWS IoT Core