Verifying Power Consumption

Figure 12.9. Average current of ESP32-C3 module

After completing all the above-mentioned configuration to reduce power consumption, it's time to test the actual power consumption and check if it meets the power consumption requirements. According to the certification requirements, the actual DUT can be the whole light product or just the ESP32-C3 module. When the ESP32-C3 module is selected as the DUT, a power analyser can be added between the DC power supply and the chip to measure the power consumption data. The power analyser used in this book is Joulescope: Precision DC Energy Analyser. Among the certification requirements related to power consumption, it is often necessary for smart lighting devices to measure the average current when the lights are off and Wi-Fi is connected.

After implementing the power management scheme introduced above, the average current of the ESP32-C3 module is 2.24 mA (see Figure 12.9). Note that the actual test result may be different because Figure 12.9 only shows the power consumption of ESP32-C3 module for a short period of time.