Admin Features

Admin features allow administrators to implement device registration, device grouping, and OTA upgrades, and to view statistics and ESP Insights data.

Device registration

Generate device certificates and register with Admin CLI (private server only).

Device grouping

Create abstract or structured groups based on device information (private server only).

Over-the-Air (OTA) upgrades

Upload firmware based on version and model, to one or more devices or a group Monitor, cancel, or archive OTA jobs.

View statistics

Viewable statistics include:

  • Device registrations (certificates registered by the admin)
  • Device activations (device connected for the first time)
  • User accounts
  • User-device association

View ESP Insights data

Viewable ESP Insights data include:

  • Errors, warnings, and custom logs
  • Crash reports and analysis
  • Reboot reasons
  • Metrics like memory usage, RSSI, etc.
  • Custom metrics and variables