Analysis of Device Provisioning and Binding Requirements

There are two ways to provision a device. One is Bluetooth provisioning, where the app connects and communicates with the device through Bluetooth, provides provisioning data for the device, and allows it to join the network. Another way is SoftAP provisioning, where the device starts a Wi-Fi hotspot for the smartphone to connect and communicate with each other. Once the device is provisioned, enter PIN to bind the device over cloud. The analysis of device provisioning and binding requirements is shown in Figure 10.14.

Figure 10.14. Analysis of device provisioning and binding requirements
  • For Bluetooth provisioning, the app needs to implement Bluetooth scanning, connection, subscription, packet transmission and other functions.

  • For SoftAP provisioning, the app needs to navigate to the system setting interface, connect to the device's Wi-Fi hotspot, and display information about the connected Wi-Fi hotspot.

  • The implementation of device binding after provisioning is the same for both ways and can be reused.