Overview of Smartphone App Development

The smartphone app for controlling smart lights includes both iOS and Android versions. The iOS version is developed in Xcode and written in Swift, whereas the Android version is developed in Android Studio and programmed in Java. In this chapter, we will first make prototype diagrams according to requirement documents and API documents, then design interfaces and interactions, and finally implement the design for each interface based on prototype diagrams. We will use Git to manage codes, get updated versions, compare versions, and commit changes.

The implementation of the smartphone app requires permission to access the smartphone's camera, local network, location, Bluetooth, etc. It is based on network request, ESP Provision SDK for provisioning, data parsing, pop-ups, and other third-party frameworks, and involves the development of functions such as device list, scheduling, user centre, login and registration.

In the following sections, we will introduce the project structure and the lifecycle of the smartphone app in Android and iOS, so that you can develop apps more easily with a preliminary understanding.