End User Features

Features open to end users include local and remote control and monitoring, scheduling, device grouping, device sharing, push notifications, and third-party integrations.

Remote control and monitoring

  • Query configuration, parameter values, and connection status for one or all devices.
  • Set parameters for single or multiple devices.

Local control and monitoring

Mobile phone and the device need to be connected to the same network for local control.


  • Users pre-set certain actions at a specific time.
  • No Internet connection required for the device while executing the schedule.
  • One time or repeat (by specifying days) for single or multiple devices.

Device grouping

Supports multi-level abstract grouping Group metadata can be used to create a Home - Room structure.

Device sharing

One or more devices can be shared with one or more users.

Push notifications

End users will receive push notifications for events such as

  • New device(s) added/removed
  • Device connected to cloud
  • Device disconnected from cloud
  • Device sharing requests created/accepted/declined
  • Alert messages reported by devices

Third party integrations

Alexa and Google Voice Assistant are supported to control RainMaker devices, including lights, switches, sockets, fans, and temperature sensors.