🧐 Practice: Building a Smart Light System with ESP32-C3

Section 5.2 introduced how to design the minimum hardware system (core circuit) and communication system for smart light products based on ESP32-C3. This minimum hardware system includes the main peripheral components and the antenna part which needs to be matched with the network analyser and RF tester according to the selected antenna type and the design of RF circuit. Antenna matching may be difficult for users who are new to RF. So, is there a ready-made minimum hardware system which has been tuned for RF performance, for users to get started quickly to develop a smart light product?

Yes, there ARE hardware modules based on the ESP32-C3 chip ready for operation. Apart from the chip, these modules also integrate a crystal oscillator, flash, antenna, RF circuit and main peripheral components. In addition, the modules have passed certification of SRRC, CE, FCC, and KCC, and can be directly applied to smart light products. In the following sections, we will choose one of the ESP32-C3 modules for smart light products design.